Hey Guys!

My name is Chastity Peppers and I'm the owner and creator of Antique Adoption.

Our goal at Antique Adoption is to find new homes for all things old. I travel this great big nation hand picking each and every item that is housed at Antique Adoption.

My love for antiques and vintage items started as a child during my frequent visits with my Great Aunt Ruby. She taught me how to sew on an old treadle sewing machine, I played dress up with her beautiful high heels in their original boxes, I primped at her old vanity applying makeup to my 7 year old face with just Cody powder and red lipstick. Her home was filled with wonderful antiques and vintage items that she used every day. I vividly remember the smell of tea cakes filling her kitchen. This is where she would grease my tiny hands to roll up the hot sticky popcorn balls that I still make at my own family events. So many wonderful memories were made with my precious Aunt Ruby. My love for all things old came from her purely simplistic way of seeing her life lived without all of the modern-day distractions.

I love to adopt the amazing treasures I find to people that love them and bring them back to life. A lot of times people buy antiques because it's simply a connection to their past or because they bring back memories of family. Nothing is made like it once was, we live in a "disposable" world today. Ninety percent of the electric items I pick still work!

We hope that you can come visit us at Antique Adoption very soon and if not catch us "Live" on Facebook every Wednesday at 8pm CST and Thursday at 10am CST.

We appreciate each and every one of our amazing customers that have made Antique Adoption such a success and look forward to bringing you more antique, primitive, and vintage finds.

God Bless You and Your Family!

We're family-owned and -operated

Chastity (Mama), Laura, and Keith (Mr. CEO) reside in Keatchie, LA. For the past ten years they have worked together as a family to make Antique Adoption the unique "storefront" that it is. They go together on picks (when Laura isn't in nursing school) to gather all of the amazing items you see on each live show! Mr. CEO (Carry Everything Out) has mastered the art of fitting all of Chastity's unique finds perfectly in their trailer as they travel the country to gather products for the next week's shows. They are all in the barn each week for Antique Adoption's weekly live shows and live together next door in a beautiful restored home, The Crawford-Williams House Circa 1848. Their home is an homage to the theme of Antique Adoption- Chastity's finds that she can't let go of yet are beautifully displayed in a chic and sophisticated way.

God Bless You and Your Family

Our History

Our story starts with our owner, Chastity. She's been a picker for her entire life, and she developed a real passion for renewing and reusing antiques. We started out as an eBay store but quickly grew to become the thriving business we are today. We've been serving our community for over 10 years and have opened an antique store, so our customers can see our antiques and merchandise in person. You can also purchase our items online, as we ship throughout the United States. Come visit our store every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.